20 Women Share the ONE THING That Makes their Period Days Bearable

Yesterday, May 28th, was menstrual hygiene day 2019; the fifth month because an average period lasts for five days and 28th because the cycle for an average woman is 28 days long. Coincidentally, I have been talking to a couple of ladies asking them the one tip that they swear by to make their period days more bearable. So I thought that this is the perfect time to share the responses. Some of these are borderline genius tips, others were just funny! But I think they are all things that most ladies will relate to and even want to try to beat the period blues (if you haven’t already)

Here are the responses that I got from 20 ladies when I asked them the one tip that they swear by for more blissful period days. Most of the responses were related, so I have categorized them. Read along!

Tip Number One: Working Out!

  1. I am a gym person. I hadn’t realized that working out really does make your period days blissful until I actually got to it. I can’t remember the last time I had cramps, and mind you I do not use pills. Also, I have a period kit that I carry with me at all time!
  2. I do light exercises to ease the cramps, stay hydrated and eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
  3. For me, working out really helps with the pain. It’s hard at first but helps with the pain.

Tip Number Two: Food and Diet

4. For me it’s all about food; if I eat well, I have an easy period and vice versa. And green tea calms me if I’m having bad cramps.

5. Okay, as for me I’d say one tip that works for me on my period days is definitely cutting on salt and watching my diet 5 days prior to my periods. Salt was one major cause of bloating and some foods really caused inflammation and made the period cramps unbearable. So I normally cut on dairy products and wheat, and nowadays I can confidently say my period days are a bliss.

6. Well, I have notices one trend of mine, i usually crave for and eat more sugary stuff when on my period. In a way that makes my flow heavy which equals less cramps. Especially on the first 2 days.

7. I need food around me, mostly snacks. It makes me feel happy

8. I avoid sugar, fatty foods, and junk…Chocolate, cakes, fries and the likes.

Tip Number Three: The Menstrual Cup

9. I started using a menstrual cup. Best decision ever! I used to hate my periods as they involved panty liners, tampons and pads. Things I found very uncomfortable. Since I started using the cup, I no longer dread it… Save for the cramps, I’m having the time of my life… It’s also shorter by one day…

10. I got rid of the unnecessary excess waste caused by pads and tampons thanks to the cup!

Tip Number Four: Tracking and Dealing with the Stains

11. I am a firm believer of period tracking. I have a regular flow so ‘My Calendar’ works really well for me. I’m always ready for my periods which means I use the right sheets and wear the right period clothes. No messes around here!

12. I place a red towel on my sheets when sleeping so that I don’t have to deal with any stains. Also, I track my periods.

13. More blissful?! I’m not sure about that but they sure are more bearable when you do not have to deal with stains. So I have dedicated red and black period panties. They are easier to clean.

Tip Number Five: Dealing with the Pain

14. Taking painkillers early in the morning. For me, the pains is mainly on day two only. I realized if i take meds (brustan) in the morning, that day I even forget am on my periods.

15. Well, for me its painkillers and all the sweet things you can imagine. Chocolate, Ice-cream, Flavoured milk…All of them

16. I make my own DIY hot water bottle. Take a glass jar, add hot water, tightly close the lid, and place on the tummy. Easy and so soothing! Sometimes I place some raw rice in a cotton sock and place it in the microwave for a while. It also works perfectly!

17. I take a hot shower to soothe the cramps.

18. Funny, but I think for me sleeping.

And Finally…

19. Haaa, tricky. First i just hate them nothing interesting and manageable about it. Mood swings all the way

20. Just thinking that it will be over!

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  1. Snaida

    Wise tips sister

    1. Heily

      And you too, thank you for sharing sister!

  2. Pascal

    Such an impactful blog. Amazing job, and in so many ways, supporting all women out there have bearable period periods. Kudos.

    1. Heily

      Aaah!! Thank you so much Pascal for reading. Share with someone!

  3. Cynthia

    Nice, very informative😊
    I’ve always been skeptical about menstrual cups but based on the positive review mentioned above, i just might try it.

    1. Heily

      Me too! The comment got me considering it! I think I will wait to hear about your experience!

  4. Amy Nancy

    For me it is sleep and snacks…both sugary and salty.

    1. Heily

      Me too!! But the salty ones only!

    1. Heily

      Yes, Yes, Albert! Thank you!

  5. Sharon

    Wooow!! Heily thanks for that piece. I’ve learnt something new. The menstrual cup, well, I don’t know much about this but I feel enlightened. Thank you

    1. Heily

      You are welcome Sharon! It was a learning opportunity for us all!:)

  6. Riani

    I seriously love your this article. Your topic is the best I’ve discovered so far. keep writing, can’t wait to read your other article

    1. Heily

      I am so glad that you found this insightful, Riani! More articles coming. Stay tuned:)

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