Be Afraid but do it Anyway (Blogmas Day Two).

Public speaking is something that I am super passionate about but it scares the hell out of me.

It is interesting that I often feel like I might die while doing any presentation but then I end up getting positive reviews after I am done. Shout out to all the cheerleaders!

I got the chance to face this fear again today.

We have been working on our capstone projects for the last one month. This process involved identifying a problem space, conducting market research, and coming up with a business model around the same. The entire project is to be culminated in an investor pitch, which is happening this coming Saturday. Pitch practice sessions for the D-day started today and I am the one who was representing my team.

As you can imagine, the weekend saw a lot of work directed towards creating a pitch deck, writing a story, and practicing it over and over.

I woke up super pumped, script in head, enthusiasm overloaded, and grace already abounded…we are going to ace this!

What I was neither aware of nor ready for was the fact that I was going to be the first one to pitch. I actually saw the list ten minutes to the pitch time. “Is it too late to change my mind?” “Please, I want to run. #sobs.”

Then came the words that I was dreading, “… and we’ll start off with” ( is our company name).

The next six minutes saw me fight my way through the story that I had rehearsed times over, forgetting some bits, being stuck a couple times, feeling like stopping at some point, but optimistic to finish strong. And finishing strong I did!

This whole week is committed to pitch practice and it will involve several moments like this. I am here for it all. What I know for sure is that it gets better with time, and that’s all the assurance that I need.

Looking forward to acing that investor pitch on Saturday. I am afraid but I will do it anyway because winning is the only thing that we know around here.

Love and Light.

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  1. Cynny

    Wow!! Public speaking is a nerve wracking event for me as well but i like how you end this, “Winning is the only thing that we know around here.” Go girl!!

    1. Heily

      It really is!! Thank you so much love! Hugs

  2. Eunice Nyawira

    and yeah, “winning is the only thing we know around here”
    I concur… You really are inspiring girl…again keep rising.

    1. Heily

      Yeeesss girl. Sending you lots of love

  3. Tim

    Ok Like the winning is the only the we know around here part. and you have taken it off my mouth public speaking is fine as long as your are not the first. but hey we have to learn at some point.

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