Beautiful Phrases Everyone wants to Hear (Blogmas Day Three)

Beautiful Phrases Everyone wants to Hear

Hello family!!

Today has been such a busy day! Pitch practice just got real. We have so much feedback to work on yet so little time. All I want to do right now is take a nap then get back to business. #tired!

But then again, I’m still super committed to this Blogmas challenge so let me do a quick one. As I already mentioned here, we have been working on our capstone projects for the past one month. It has been a super busy period with so many variations in team dynamics and several highs and lows.

It is so amazing seeing teams cheer each other on. Here is a roundup of some beautiful phrases that teams have been telling each other to stay motivated.

  1. That fear shows growth.
  2. We are not perfect but we’ll definitely get better.
  3. You’ve got this!
  4. That was such an amazing presentation!
  5. It okay, get some rest. I got this.
  6. I trust you with this process.
  7. You are so wise! We trust that you will make the best decision.
  8. You are an assassin pitcher!
  9. I genuinely appreciate you for what you are doing
  10. Don’t worry, all of this will be fine

Cheers to having teammates who cheer you on and keep you motivated through it all. A big shout out to my amazing teammates Lanre, Oscar, and Ronald. Working with you guys is such a bliss!

Love and light.

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  1. Tim

    i would always rather hear the Truth as much as it will affect my productivity i Choose the truth and hope it will help me grow.

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