Decide your Outfit of the Day in Less than Five Minutes

Hello alarm, my old, unmissed friend.”

Am I the only one who sets five alarms and still sleep through them all? I am definitely not a morning person.

But I will still dare to say that I love mornings especially because of the conversations that my roommates and I have as we get ready for the day… At least on those mornings when we all feel alive and super pumped to be productive humans – which is barely ever, in case you were wondering.

One phrase that is commonly thrown into our conversations is: ‘I have clothes but I don’t have clothes to wear.’

Being the #GirlsTECHingOver that we are, we have all come up with an algorithm that we use to quickly determine the outfit that would cut it that day. Nerdy much?

  1. Rosemarlines is the Blossom of the room. Her algorithm: “Are y’all deserving of all the sauce of this outfit? If yes, I’ll wear it and kill all of you. If no, choose something else and still murder y’all anyway.” And yes, she is sassy like that!

2. Sally is the sweet bubbles of the room and the queen of code. Yaay, Sally!! She does not like complications and her algorithm is: “I am going to wear the first enticing outfit that meets my eyes when I open the closet.

3. You guessed right, I am Buttercup. Well, my mood in the morning very strongly determines my OOTD. For this reason, I barely ever plan my outfits for the week on Sunday, like most productivity blogs advice. But in the most basic form, my algorithm is: “If it is not a hell yes, then it’s a no.

Bonus rule from Blossom for the days when one of us cannot seem to decide, “wear jeans and a t-shirt. It’s never that serious!” She is right.

Sidenote: “By now you have a clue of how interesting my roommates are. I am just thankful to my lucky stars for them.”

Honestly, it really is not about what you are wearing but more about how it makes you feel. And boy does an outfit affect how you feel, which makes those thirty in the morning a crucial part of your day. These algorithms only come in as a way to spice up what would have been an otherwise sombre morning. It is also a great way to help define your style and stick to it.

Maybe you could come up with your unique dressing up algorithm to make those thirty minutes (or whatever amount of time that it takes you to get ready) in the morning more fun and set the pace for the day.

And when you are done choosing your outfit and dressing up, remember to accessorize with some super confidence and a smile.

You can now go ahead and conquer the day!

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