How Have you Been?

Hello... How are you?

“How have you been?” My friend asked me when we were catching up a few days ago. “I have been alright, how about you?” I started typing.

Halfway through the typing, it occurred to me that it had been a long while since we last talked. I bet they asked how I have been because they genuinely care. With that thought, I deleted the very vague and meaningless response that I had almost sent, reached into my heart and started typing.

I went into the details of how life has been trying to settle in a new country, the culture shocks, how terribly I missed Kenyan food, the joy of making new friends… really giving a picture of how I have been. What followed was a long and heartwarming conversation that an “I have been alright, how about you?” would never have paved way for.

This is me extending the same question to you, “How are things going with you?” Here is a little pop quiz for you if you are up for it:

i.                     How are you, really? Have you been buying yourself flowers? 🙂

ii.                   What little things have been making you happy lately?

iii.                  What exciting incident has happened in your life recently?

iv.                 What are you looking forward to?

My answers:

i.                     I am at a happy place at this point. Just going through a lot of learning and unlearning… and enjoying it all.

ii.                   Among other things, one thing that has been making me really happy is friends who intentionally check up on you. I have realized how easy it is for friends to drift apart amidst the day-to-day hassles.

iii.                  This one is not so recent (two months ago), but I might as well mention it because this is the first blog post that I have writing since. I moved to Ghana in August for a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse myself into the world of technology and entrepreneurship, courtesy of MEST.

iv.                 I am looking forward to all the learning that is ahead of me for the next couple of months. I am up for it all and I am super pumped.

It was so good catching up with you, friends. Hit the comment button and let me know how you have been. I would love to hear from you all.

Until next time,

Stay jolly, spread the cheer!

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  1. Riani

    I am working as freelancer in one of university in Indonesia and I also starting my own business in hijab. thanks for asking. How have you been ? 🙂

    1. Heily

      Hey Riani. Great hearing from you! I really do wish you the very best in your current job and also your new business!

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