Positive Affirmations that I Use and How They Have Changed My Life

My Positive Affirmations

I choose to fearlessly affirm myself!

Happy August everyone! The year is slowly but surely fleeting by, but guess what, so are our fears and all negative vibes! This is going to be a month of grace. We claim it and we receive it. Can I get an Amen?

I am a firm believer in the power of words, and as I mentioned when discussing some of the self-care hacks that I swear by, one of my favorite self-care has to be the use of affirmations.

What I love about affirmations is that you get to speak life into situations. You get to imagine a life that you desire and speak it into existence. Cool, right?

Basically, the law of attraction.

I have my list of affirmations that I hold true for myself. I read them every once in a while, and I have taught my soul to believe them without a doubt.

That’s the beauty of affirmations. They are very personal. They can be as basic as I have a strong immune system, or as complex as you would want them to be as long as that is your truth.

Positive affirmations make it easier to maneuver through moments of doubt, anxiety, or other challenges because they ground you to the core of who you are. And as you get through a situation, the affirmation becomes even more strongly affirmed and dear.

Some of the positive affirmations that I hold true for myself include:

Powerful Affirmations to Manifest

If you fancy applying the law of attraction for yourself, what are you waiting for? Write down those positive things about yourself that you know for sure and go forth with positivity. Worst case scenario, you will become more positive and optimistic. The best, you ask? Well, you’ll have to give it a shot and see!

Wishing you a happy new month full of positive affirming!

Love and Light,

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  1. Ryn

    During my ezer class… Self affirmation was one of the key lessons.. Setting up mirror moments every day and having self affirmation points.

    It’s really challenged and changed me..

    Nice piece heily

    1. Heily

      My Ezer woman said it! And I agree!

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