Some of My Simple Pleasures (Blogmas Day Four)

We are at Blogmas day four! Let’s talk about something fun. It is a list of some of my small joys from the top of my head.

  1. Listening to some chill music that takes me to a different world when taking the morning bus.
  2. Taking a cold shower at the end of the day or after an intense workout.
  3. Getting into clean sheets after doing a fresh pedicure.
  4. Watching a new episode of a comedy that I love (currently on Modern Family). On the same note, rewinding a funny party of a movie and laughing my head off.
  5. That moment right after finishing a tough but fulfilling project, savoring the feeling of contentment.
  6. Watching stars and other planets in the night’s sky, especially during the full moon.
  7. Long drives at night.
  8. Dancing to Afro beats as I wash my hair over the weekends.
  9. Waking up earlier than my alarm and realizing I still have an hour or two of peaceful rest.
  10. Waking up and realizing it’s finally cool enough to wear my favorite boots.
  11. Being told “I love you” by a baby… oh, my heart!
  12. Coffee and blueberry ice cream with caramel topping.
  13. That perfect pair of tight-fitting jeans.
  14. A warm hug from someone I love.
  15. That feeling after spending time pouring my heart out and crying in prayer. Oh, so refreshing!

What would yours be? I would love to hear!

Also, some beautiful phrases that everyone wants to hear.

Love and light.

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  1. Nash

    At the top of my list: Putting a smile on someone’s face after offering my help to eliminate a problem. Giving out love and receiving fresh love in return; Walking in the wild, breathing in the fresh air; e.t.c.

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