The 7 Self-Care Hacks that I Currently Love and Swear by

“You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to others.” Unknown.

Lately I have been very intentional about self-care and loving myself a little bit more. I often find myself saying that ‘I have so much love to give,’ and I have been striving to tap into this love too. With that in mind, there are some habits that I have picked up, which have geared me towards the same.

Having seen the positive effect that these have had in my life, I thought I should share. 

Some things which might seem trivial such as getting good sleep, listening to good music, staying hydrated, and embracing vulnerability also add to the list and they have been instrumental in making me feel whole.

Read along to get a feel of the seven self-care hacks that I currently love and swear by.

I have also given a bonus point so be sure to read to the end.😉

1. Skincare

Generally, my skin has never been problematic and I have always managed to get away with very minimal skincare efforts. However, I recently started experiencing times during my cycle when breakouts became surreal, forcing me to become intentional about skincare.

One thing that I have come to learn is the power of natural, easy-to-access products when it comes to skincare. I will forever be thankful for the day I discovered my honey + milk + turmeric face mask. It has been such a game-changer for my skin!

Turmeric, honey, and milk mask

Benefits that I have gained from using the Honey + Milk + Turmeric mask

  1. Both honey and turmeric have antioxidant properties that leave my skin lustrous and youthful.
  2. Honey is a natural antibacterial and turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. These properties make these two products perfect for preventing acne and keep the pimples at bay.
  3. Raw milk nourishes the skin cells and helps keep my skin deeply moisturized. Milk is also great for use on acne-prone skin because of its soothing properties.

A combination of these three ingredients leaves my skin looking brighter, softer, and feeling so good! I usually mix these three ingredients together and leave the mask on for at least fifteen minutes, three times a week.

I do not have a particular ratio that I use when mixing, but I realized that too much honey makes the mask runny, so I use very little honey in comparison to the other ingredients.

After consistently using this mask for one month, I can only wish that I started using it earlier.

Disclaimer: Your skin might be left with a yellow tint after rinsing off the mask. However, this fades off in no time after I use my normal cleanser. Also, turmeric masks might be very messy if you are not careful. Remember to clean up immediately you are done to avoid stains. 

2. Affirmations

Just like my skincare, I have also been very intentional about affirmations to the point that I feel like this could be an entire blog post by itself. There is something about hyping yourself up that makes you feel invincible; the power of words, you know! Some of the affirmations that have changed my perspective in life are:

  • I am deeply loved and cared for.
  • I have everything that I need to become my best self.
  • I am a happy person and I choose joy regardless of my current situation.
  • I am a powerhouse and I am indispensable.
  • I radiate grace, charm, and beauty.

3. Hair

After keeping my hair braided for the longest time, I decided to free it for a while and actually get to experience and learn it. I once tried to go natural but it made me so miserable that I almost chopped it off.

This time I have been super intentional about my natural hair and I have been receiving so much love back! I agree that wash days are super long, but when I started viewing them as my me-time self-care moments, I find myself looking forward and enjoying them. It’s all about perspective, you know! 😉

4. Journaling

I got into a consistent journaling trend during my thanktober challenge. I impressively surprised myself to have consistently journaled the entire month. It was the perfect way to look back at the end of the month, reminisce about the different events, and just appreciate my progress. I decided to be writing down all the key happenings in my days, and this has helped me keep track of my emotions and get my mind in order. It is always surprising to discover all the things running through your mind that you were initially clueless about.

5. Gratitude

gratitude challenge

What started off as a gratitude challenge has turned out to become a daily activity. Every evening I make an effort to find something about the day that I am thankful for, and this has helped me shift my focus from all negativity.

While this might sound easy, there are days when it is such a struggle to fill my gratitude journal. Case in point, early this week I had a bad day when everything seemed to be going wrong. When it was time to write what I was thankful for, I almost put away my journal because I could not think of anything.

I eventually ended up writing, “I am thankful for the grace to have gone through the day despite the challenges and for the strength to smile through it all. Tomorrow I fight again.” This statement lifted a weight off my shoulders and I went to bed a contented person. I truly believe in the power of gratitude!

6. A Community

Something else that has been instrumental to my self-care is the community of friends that I have around me. Any time is a good time for a good laugh, hearty stories, and light moments with people you hold close to heart. Having people to go through life with has been instrumental to my sanity and happiness, and I am so thankful for them.

7. Working Out

Okay, I will start with the disclaimer that I have not worked out for the past two weeks. However, I still felt the need to add this to my list because it was one of my favorite self-care routine in October. Evenings are my favorite workout time. It is the perfect way to just sweat the day out and enhance better sleep.

Bonus Self-Care Tip: Staying Connected to my Creator

This list would not be complete if I did not mention the one thing that I can say for sure has been key to maintaining my sanity and completing my entire being. When all is said and done, staying connected to my Maker is the icing to the cake that is my self-care efforts. The joy is immense, the peace oh so perfect, and the contentment unmatched. I stay connected by praying consistently and making worship a part of my life.

As I write this, I am listening to The Breaker by Travis Greene, and I thought that I should share part of the lyrics:

It may not feel good to me but it is good for me
To be broken by You
Will keep Your hand covering me
I’m free when I’m broken by You

My life is safer, when I get to the Breaker
Bring my mistakes, to the hand of the Maker
Who I am is hidden, behind who I failed to be
My life is safer, when I get to the Breaker

That is it for today. I had so much fun writing this article because it is about something that I am so passionate about. In fact, this is the longest blog post that I have ever written. I hope you got an insight or two.😊

Feel free to comment on the self-care hack that you found to be most insightful. Also, how have you been going around this self-care thing?

Be on the lookout for my next article.

Love and Light!

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  1. Mbugua

    Wow… Congrats Helen… ,Especially on the Last tip ..It’s a sure icing on the cake…

    1. Heily

      Caleeb! Thank you so much! And it sure is!!

  2. Sno

    I love reading your blogs Helen. Always puts me in a good mood. I can feel the love all the way from Kenya. Thank you again for such a wonderful read.

    1. Heily

      Thank you, hun! I am so glad you enjoyed the read. Sending you love!!

  3. Jason

    Great article. I plan on trying out the journaling and gratitude challenge during the month of December.

    1. Heily

      Thank you, Jason! And yes, yes to taking up the challenge. All the best!

      1. Snaida

        This is amazing
        I particularly loved the one for affirmations. 88

  4. Snaida

    This is amazing
    I particularly loved the one for affirmations.

    1. Heily

      Thank you my love!
      I love the affirmations bit too. Its important to keep hyping yourself up!

  5. Cynny

    A great read!! Will take up the gratitude challenge and train myself to see things in a positive light always.
    Your hair looks mwaah😊😊

    1. Heily

      Yes, yes!! Positivity all the way!💖

  6. Nash

    You’ve never missed the nail-head every time you have lifted the hammer…its a wonderful/insightful piece – #challenged…self-care onwards.

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